Flat Screen TV Mounting

Show Off Your New Flat Screen TV in style

There are several options for mounting your new flat screen TV.

Congratulations on upgrading to that brand-new flat screen TV! It’ll look great in your living room, bedroom, or even your outdoor patio for parties. After the initial excitement, the first question is how do you set it up on your wall?

It can be tricky to mount a huge flat screen TV and downright impossible if you don’t have the proper components. It’s best to ask an expert to help you rather than trying to do it yourself. Our professionals at Wired Electrical Services can handle the complete installation of your flat screen TV.

Our certified technicians will have no problem mounting your new TV anywhere in your home or business. Not only can we add the TV to a wall, we can also install a new outlet if one is needed and provide all the necessary connections. We can install HDMI cables, wall mounts, and hook up all the components needed to get your TV up and running. 

In addition to installing your TV and all the necessary components that come with it, we can go the next step and install a surround sound system for the ultimate TV watching experience. Contact our team to get your home theater system up and running!