Keep Cool and Save Money on Energy Costs

Ceiling fans are essential to survive the Houston heat.

Being located in the heart of humid Houston, Wired Electrical Services' technicians are all too familiar with ceiling fan installation and replacement. Ceiling fans are an affordable alternative to installing a new, and often expensive, air conditioning system. Without the consistent use of an air conditioner, ceiling fans will certainly cool you down while also helping to save on energy costs. 

There are a multitude of styles with differing options and functionalities. The most popular among them are standard, low profile, and damp or wet. (See examples below)

Most homes today have standard ceiling fans in at least one or two rooms. A standard ceiling fan can be a versatile addition to your home considering it comes in a variety of styles that can match any decor. They usually have five blades and most come with a built-in light feature. The lights can be customized to fit both the decor and the functionality of your living space. They also come with a plethora of amenities such as remote control operation, different light kits, customizable blades.


Homes with a lower clearance between the floors and ceilings, less than eight feet tall, will require a low profile ceiling fan. Instead of using a downrod, the ceiling fan is installed directly onto the mounting bracket, keeping the fixture  at the required seven feet off of the floor. Without the clearance between the ceiling and the blades, air movement is not as significant as with a standard ceiling fan; however, it will still help run your air conditioning system more efficiently.

A damp or wet ceiling fan is your best option, especially for Houston weather. Damp ceiling fans are designed with motors that resist moisture damage and have all-weather blades to prevent warping. They are best used in areas that do not receive large amounts of direct precipitation, such as covered porches and patios, or sunrooms. Wet ceiling fans go the next step and are designed for more industrial and weather-proof conditions. 

Dual motor ceiling fans offer a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods, each with its own adjustable fan. These fans can be adjusted to set each one at its own speed. They are typically placed in a large room or a public setting due to their ability to circulate air over greater areas than just a standard ceiling fan.

Trust our experts to safely install your ceiling fan to the tallest of ceilings.

Installing ceiling fans can be tricky if you have cathedral or angled ceilings. Typically the use of a tall or specialty ladder plus an additional technician is required to perform the installation safely. Our experts will handle the installation properly so there are no issues with wiring nor damage caused to the drywall of your ceiling. 

For ceiling fan installation that will save you on your electric bills, turn to Wired Electrical Services. We can handle ceiling fan installation services in expert fashion.