Residential & Commercial Panels

Keep your home or office safe from potential hazards.

The breaker panel, or better known as your electrical panel, is the heart with which electricity flows throughout your home. Outdated or out of code electrical panels pose an unseen threat to your home or business. Insufficient electrical panels can cause untold headaches. Luckily, our expert technicians at Wired Electrical Services can help you prevent such risks.  

We can offer a free quote on our panel upgrade services. Our team will expertly replace your old panel by installing a new electrical panel that is fully compliant with NEC safety codes. Panels that were installed more than 20 years ago may not have the capability to withstand the amount of power we use daily for TVs, computers, gaming systems, networking, security, kitchen appliances, and more. We can help you upgrade to larger panels that can accommodate all your modern needs. 

Count on Wired Electrical Services to visit your home or business to inspect the electrical panel you have in place. We will give you an honest assessment of your panel and offer a quote on the necessary services to fix the problem. If you have questions about your electrical panel or how to add the latest technology to your home or office, contact our friendly team of experts for help

Electrical Panel Installation - Brittmoore Animal Hospital - Houston, TX

Electrical Panel Installation - Brittmoore Animal Hospital - Houston, TX