Surge Suppressors

Surge Protection You Can Trust

Protect your devices and appliances against damage from power surges.

Electrical surges ensue during power grid switches at electric utility companies or more commonly during lightning strikes. Power surges occur too frequently to be taken lightly and could lead to property damage or serious injuries to your loved ones. Our licensed electricians at Wired Electrical Services can help protect your home or business with expertly installed surge suppressors.

Surge protectors work to shield your belongings from the effects of a power surge. Without a surge suppressor, major electrical appliances and devices are at risk for damage. Our surge suppressors protect TVs, refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, computer systems, and more from major damage. They also help keep audio and video components as well as telecommunications systems from being disrupted. 

Call Wired Electrical Services to ask about pricing for a surge suppressor and for more information about how we can set up one of these systems in your home or business.